Maggies Forth Valley

And so to Maggies Forth Valley.

“Wait a minute!” I hear you shout. “You were going to Edinburgh!”

Well yeah. We kind of shot into Edinburgh and back out again in double time! Great work out there on the streets by the team.

So a quick bit about Edinburgh:

The beautiful Richard Murphy designed building has a wonderfully light, bright and inspiring but also calm feeling.

It was built in 1996 as a redevelopment of the old stable blocks, and blended traditional Scottish stonework with more modern architectural methods.

Maggie’s Edinburgh was the first centre to be designed and built, and Murphy has said his inspiration “was to slip a building within a building, with lots of little niches and intimate spaces”.

The open plan nature allows for an emotional openness, with sadness as well as laughter, while the more private spaces allow for peace and quiet.

We have been able to increase the amount of space available in the centre and the garden through extensions completed in 2001 and 2018.

And along the Forth Valley the to ummm…. Maggies Forth Valley:

Set on the shore of a beautiful lochan close to ancient woodland, Maggie’s Forth Valley, designed by Garbers & James, will complement its stunning natural setting perfectly.

The design is a boathouse in the most classic sense, using finely crafted timbers in various forms and shapes defining the principal elements of both exterior and interior.

Outside, a clearly geometrically defined, timber umbrella seamlessly connects the wall to the roof, spanning out to invite and to give shelter.

Inside, large full-length wide timber planks create a warm setting. To complement the light floor, fine timbers on the ceiling reveal glimpses of colour from a specially developed colour chart behind them.

Soft dispersed light comes through skylights in the roof, enhancing the colour scheme of the interior.

And so here we are. 90% of our journey completed. Now we need to ramp up the fundraising.

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