Maggies Fife (Kirkcaldy)

Over the Tay to Fife and that loooonnnnggg bridge. Two and a quarter kilometres of a straight path with fences separating you from the traffic on either side. It just goes on and on and on and never looks like it will end. It does but when the weather is poor it can be the most dispiriting walk. Fortunately the weather this week has been generally good. The best weather to walk through Fife.

We made good progress on this leg taking less than 4 days to complete and arrive at Maggies Fife in Kirkcaldy.

Maggie’s Fife was Zaha Hadid’s first permanent structure in the UK when it opened in 2006. It was the architect’s intention that the centre sit in direct and deliberate contrast to the architecture of the Kirkcaldy Hospital.

The building makes particular use of natural light. Quirky triangular windows draw the attention of visitors, and their spirits, upwards, while glass wall overlooks a wild ravine full of plant and animal life.

The centre embodies a striking contrast between exterior and interior. The outside, with its sweeping black roof sparkling like asphalt, gives way to a remarkable sense of space and light once you enter, just as a piece of black coal contains within it a source of warmth and comfort.

So from here we move on to Maggies in Edinburgh. It’ll be our shortest leg of the journey so there will be another post soon. But first a word from one of our walkers/joggers who has a good reason for doing this walk.

Maggie’s Centres do a wonderful job in helping people to get through Cancer, I know as I am one of them. If you can help us reach our target it would be very much appreciated. To those who have already donated, a MASSIVE THANK YOU. x

Janet Smith

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