The Wedding

Step we gaily on we go, heel for heel toe for toe
Arm in arm and row in row, all for Carrie’s wedding

John Roderick Bannerman  (with a small adaption)

Yesterday was my neice’s wedding. 17 years and 4 kids later they finally worked their way through to getting hitched.

The ceremony was a simple one. Legal niceties and vows exchanged followed by a “hand fasting”. Hand fasting is where the bride and groom, for forty days before the ceremony, do not eat anything by hand. They can only take liquids through a straw (not plastic) or eat straight from the plate without utensils or holding the food in any way with their hands. Nah. I jest.

Hand fasting is a simple ceremony where the couple commit to each other holding hands tied together ceremonially with a ribbon or braid. It is a simple outward display of the couple binding their lives together and “tying the knot”. It was the first time I had encountered hand fasting (apart from Braveheart which is total fiction so doesn’t count) and it really quite interesting and a beautiful take on the marriage ceremony.

Then it was onto the bit of the wedding day that everyone loves. The photos!!! Now as some of you know I enjoy my photography. Nature, sports, general observations on life, special events. Really anything. But if anyone ever hears me say I want to take up wedding photography get the papers signed and get me committed!!! Wedding photographers must have the patience of saints. I’ve done it once and it was quite enjoyable but other, more experienced real adults did a lot of the organising but I’ve been at many weddings since and no, not for me. Stroppy brides (not this time), grumpy and bored grooms (not this time), kids doing what they want and not what you want (not this……um well…um…maybe some of them but it was a long time waiting around -in a kids head, when there’s a playpark 20ft away – so they were really good to be honest).

And then there’s the group photos!! The Bride and groom. The bride and groom and her parents. The bride and groom and his parents. The bride and groom and both sets of parents (who stands where?). The bride and groom and her family(ie not just the parents). The bride and groom and his family. It’s quite an undertaking (now that’s a whole different profession for a whole different conversation) not to forget anyone. Like the bridesmaids (oops!). The Best Man and the groomsmen (they’re a thing these days)(oops again). I’d need a clipboard! Or two!

But not yesterday. Our Carrie is a girl who knows what she wants (and don’t we all know it) and can be quite forthright in telling people. She was organised in her head and got everyone where she wanted them and when. Except for the kids but well………

And so onto the party the bit everyone loves. Music, food, speeches and drink. Yeah!! This is the bit that many people in my situation dread. Pressured into drinking my friends and family ’cause “it’s a special occasion”, “people will be insulted if you don’t have at least one”. I didn’t feel that way. Most of my family know my situation (they’ve read this blog) and I would be very surprised if any of them pressured me (they didn’t). The other thing that can ‘trigger’ people is the mere presence of alcohol. But that’s no way to live your life. “Oh I can’t go into that part of the supermarket. It’s near the booze aisle and I might wonder into it by mistake and down a litre of rum.” Nope too limiting. I’ll drink non-alcoholic beverages alongside people drinking pints, half pints, shots, cocktails whatever. I’ve changed but I don’t expect the world to change to suit me.

All in all it was a great day. A beautiful bride, a handsome groom and a great extended family. Thank you all.

Congratulations Carrie and Joe.


(Picture changed by request)

4 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Your doing awesome we are all proud of you could have used a slightly better pic hahaha i look grumpy in tht one lol x


  2. We’re not a bad bunch really. Family that love one another would never pressurise any of us to “just have one” This was our first “big celebration” AF too and I can hand on heart say we really enjoyed it on so many levels, and not just the absence of the “morning after dread”
    Seeing you chase your wee grandson round the hall with the look of pure love on your face was a pleasure to see, even if all my feeble attempts to get a half descent photo of you both failed. Think I should leave the photography to the experts like you 😊 In saying that, Our Carrie and Joe make taking great photie’s easy, as they truly are a beautiful couple.
    Here’s to many many more great family celebrations and AF days ahead xx


  3. Thanks Charles for that blog, you have got us all down to a “T”. I loved every minute ( until the end when my feet were killing me). I danced all night. It was funny watching Charlie try to hold on to every balloon he saw.
    It was a wonderful day, the sun shone on a beautiful Bride. Everyone scrubbed up and looking their best.
    The wee ones in their dresses and the boys in their kilts. (They did run riot a bit in the park) but on the whole they were good.
    Proud of you too, you handled the pressure of avoiding alcohol in such a situation,.

    Roll on the next shindig in 2 yeas time. Canny wait. x


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