100 Days In

Well, that’s 100 days of sobriety completed (not that I’ve been counting). Time, I suppose, for some reflection.

How has it been? I’d like to say it’s been a piece of cake. So I will because it has been. Remarkably easy. This hasn’t been my first attempt to give up but has been the most successful and strangely enough the easiest. I personally don’t understand it but have come to live with it. I’ve spoken to and/or listened to so many people on the Facebook group I joined some 4 months ago and nobody has had it this easy.

Has the time passed quickly? Not really. It’s not passed slowly either. Time has just rolled on as normal though it does seem like I’ve not been drinking all my life. I don’t miss it. Not the taste, though I still like a cold AF cider at times. I don’t miss the feeling of being intoxicated. I definitely don’t miss the morning after. Monday just past for example I set my alarm for 5:30am and was on the treadmill by 6. That would never have happened before.

Do I feel better for it? I refer you to the paragraph above. I’m now 7 weeks into a 12 week beginner’s running programme. I’ve got a 5K run coming up after that which would never have happened when I was “in my cups”. Do I think I will complete it? Of course I will. The programme and the 5K and maybe even some more 5Ks afterwards. I don’t think I’ll ever make the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics but……

So what have I learned? Well, I now have confidence in myself. When I now decide to do something, I’m going to finish it. I’ve done it with alcohol, I’m doing it with the running and my other project is progressing well and has so far not stretched me too much. If you want to know what it is you’ll just have to keep coming back here.

What else? Family and friends. My family have been great. Understanding, supportive and probably relieved that I’ve finally come to my senses. Friends have been great as well. I’ve heard so many stories from others in my situation where friends, and even family, haven’t been supportive. Friends have disappeared because a person no longer drunk alcohol. They (the friends) thought they (the recovered drinker) would become boring, no fun, embarassing everyone by not drinking. My friends, that have known, haven’t said any of these things and if they had they wouldn’t be friends of mine no more.

So what’s next? Well, life goes on as normal. I wake up, maybe run maybe workout, go to work, come home, do married people things (eat, watch tv, chat. That sort of thing), sleep, repeat. There’ll be a few other things as well like holidays, watching sport, playing with the grandchild(ren) but life will just go on.

I’m sure there was more I was going to write but it’s escaped me for the moment (it might come up in the edit) so I’ll end here with my now adopted hashtag.


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