Thoughts and Reflections

on my first month of sobriety.

It has been a good time. Even, dare I say it, a joyous time.

There really hasn’t been a time during this month when I’ve felt down. I’ve not during this month been sad at all. I’ve been frustrated, sure. But that’s the lot of a sports fan. No matter what your sport or your team you will be let down at some point.

No this has been a positive month. The feedback and support I’ve had from family and friends has been immense. The encouragement I’ve had from strangers on a Facebook page has been amazing. As has the usefulness I’ve felt when supporting, advising and engaging with those in the group. So positive.

At times I feel like a new person. But I’m not. The bad jokes are still there. The raging at stupid drivers (there are so many drivers not of my standard around it’s unreal!). The sarcasm. The quips. All the good bits are still there. They’re still there. But now, I don’t know, I’m just a bit different to last month.

Some of my achievements this month have been:

  • I’m back playing walking football.
  • I went on a “lad’s” football weekend away. Didn’t drink, was honest with the guys as to why and didn’t get pressurised to drink.
  • Spent a night at home alone when TBH went away for work. No drinking.
  • Attended my grandson’s first birthday party.
  • Saw him on his actual birthday.
  • Started C25K.

And generally I feel great both mentally and physically. It’s been a blast!



PS. This post has been edited as it was pointed out that a lot of my rambling in the first draft was a re-write of parts of previous posts. So safe to say the memory hasn’t quite recovered yet.

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