C25K W2


Well let’s wind it back a bit. I started, and completed, W1 last week but I’m not happy with what I did. Now I know I did do the three days but I could have done better as I walked quickly at times instead of running. And yes some people have told me that’s OK. But for me, in my little mind, it’s not enough. To be really honest I think I’d find it hard to progress to W2 with what I had done in W1. So this week I’m repeating W1 and hoping to do better this week.

And I already have.

This morning’s run was more a run than I have done previously. It still wasn’t the full recommended workout but was a Hell of a lot closer than last week. I now feel confident that this time next week I’ll be ready for W2.

Which is another thing I’ve noticed. Since starting this journey I’ve felt a lot more confident that I can finish things. There have been so many projects I’ve started over the last few years that have floundered and sunk in a sea of eventual apathy. All very short term “I want to do this” “OK I’ve got the gear but now it seems too much like effort. Let’s come back to this tomorrow.” And you know what? Tomorrow never came.

Now I feel more determined I’m going to go back to some of these and restart them.

  • My man cave
    It’s been taken over with junk! And not all of it is mine!
  • My drum kit
    It’s in the man cave behind the junk. Inaccessible.
  • The Raspberry Pi
    It’s still sitting there and has been set up. Now I just need to do something with it.
  • The Linux server
    Again it’s set up but with no purpose.
And these are just a few examples. No doubt my darling wife will have a few of her own.

These won’t all happen overnight (or tomorrow LOL) but I do intend to get back to them. Probably once I complete W9 of C25K.

But in the meantime since I’ve done today’s run and the weather doesn’t look promising for any outdoor activity (any more I mean) today’s task, that I’ve put off like forever, is cleaning up my email. Those of you with OCD should probably not look at this pic.

BTW the numbers shown are UNREAD emails not the total number of emails in the boxes.

The top account hasn’t been used for about 5 years but I’m sure there’s an email in there that I’ll need at some point! (Haven’t looked at it for at least 4 years)
The second one might be getting closed down soon as well so I probably should go through it as well.
And the third one is the one I got with my broadband account and will soon (maybe) become my only account.

So today will be spent, mostly, deleting emails.


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