2020 – A Reflection

We all know that 2020 hasn’t been the best of years for obvious reasons. However for this reflection I’m going to concentrate on the positives. It might be a short post. πŸ˜‰

The year started in a running way with RED January. One whole month of being active every day and I achieved it so that’s one in the plus column. It was actually quite enjoyable finding different ways to be active every day and pushing myself to do something on the days I didn’t really feel like it.

And then Covid hit, and we’ll kind of gloss over that, and working from home started. Now I’ve worked throughout this year and still have my job so I’ve been luckier than many. Working from home for most of the year hasn’t been a big change to what I do but it has been a big cultural change for myself and the company. However we’ve got through it and will continue, I’m sure, to adapt and thrive.

This is also the year that I discovered Twitch, which has now replaced radio and music as my work and play background noise. Now it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love the variety of channels and people streaming. Typically I’ll watch/listen to some Antipodean streamers in the morning. From an old guy (older even than me) playing World of Tanks with one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard (how he’s not been DMCAed I don’t know) to a young woman playing Call of Duty. Then there are comedians like Scotland’s own Limmy. Chatting and playing games. Magazine programmes about gaming aimed at the more mature, though not as mature as me, viewer. In the afternoon there are a plethora of European and American steamers providing a great variety of content. Try it (www.twitch.tv) and you might be surprised.

The major thing that kept me occupied during the summer was a challenge I did for Maggies (www.maggies.org). We did a lot of walking and running those months but it was well worth it. Not only for the money raised and for the exposure given to the centres but it also got people like my mother-in-law out and about and breaking the tedium of the situation we were in.

Also this year I completed a challenge I set last year to run in a 5K each month for a year. This got difficult as races were cancelled but the big saviour was the virtual race. Still running the distance, still contributing to a charity just doing it solo. And so the 12 medals were won.

Perhaps, no definitely, the major event of the year was the addition to the family. October saw the birth of our second grandson, Liam. It’s been a great 2 months watching him grow and develop a personality even at this young age. And due to the restrictions we’ve had in place since he was born I’ve, so far, been bloop free. Something I certainly wasn’t with his older brother.

So all in all, on reflection it’s been a good year. True there’s been bumps in the road but we’re getting through this, not unscathed not unbloodied but through it.

1 thought on “2020 – A Reflection

  1. Happy New Year πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰ 🎊


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