An old man’s reintroduction to gaming

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
Gang aft agley,”

Rabbie Burns 1785

Nothing is truer. I had planned to start playing this as soon as I had it downloaded but then the mother and father of a cold hit. Knocked me right out for 3 days and then when I was able to play it my mind was so fatigued that I just wasn’t in the mood so put it off until I felt able to do it justice.

That was tonight.

As I’ve said it’s been a few years since I’ve played something like this so we’re going to do this properly and not rush into the setup. OK I’m going in.

OK Pause that. Need to update it first.

Looooong 15 minutes.

So. First choice: Select Difficulty Level. That’s simple. Considering how long it’s been we’re going easy.
Second choice: Lifepath. Nomad, Streetkid or Corpo? Let’s go Corpo and get into some white collar crime.
And now the character. In previous games where you model your character I’ve gone for various different choices.
PGA Tour 2K21 I tried to create a character that looked similar to myself. Which is fine for a golf game but nah let’s do something different to me.
WoW had many characters of different sexes, shapes, colours, attitudes whatever.
So let’s go wild and use my imagination again.

So it starts.

Well that was a long story setup through a very “Bladerunnery” landscape. Now for some tutorials.

Shooting and hacking.

Shooting. Pretty straightforward similar to other games.

Hacking. Now that was a nightmare. Spent way too long trying to work that out. Mainly because the online instructions were wrong. When a tutorial tells you to hold one button to do something and it’s actually another button is it any wonder that frustration builds? Was about to “yeet” this game (as the kids say) right out the window (figuratively).
There are more non-mandatory tutorials to work through (and at my skill level I’ll need to) but after that frustration I’m giving up for the day.

Tune in tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “An old man’s reintroduction to gaming

  1. Pmsl, I would’ve yeeted it from the start. (Yes, yeet/yeeted is a word/are words)


  2. Thought it was supposed to be relaxing? 😆


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