Interview with a……


Last week I was asked if I was willing to do an interview for an online magazine for the running programme that I do. A bit daunting as I’m not really an extrovert and do find it hard to talk about me but hey why not?

The day of the interview came and the anxiety went up. What’s he going to ask? What did I do and when? Why? So I started to write things down (those things I could remember that is), checked some other things and tried to relax.

Then it was time and the phone rang.

Before I knew it it was over. And then the panic starts again. What did I say? What did I not say? What did I mean to say? What if I email him this? Or that? Or maybe not. Maybe he asked what he wanted and got answers he could use? But, but, but. Let’s just leave it. If he wants more he’d have asked for more surely. But I really didn’t want to let the programme down and so I worried.

Today the article was released and to be honest I’m happy with how it’s turned out. Obviously he knew what he wanted, asked what he wanted and got what he wanted. Unnecessary worry again.

It’s a bit advert heavy but here it is for your enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Interview with a……

  1. Good article, well done for getting involved and helping others 👍


  2. Well done Chuck ❤️❤️


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