A Chance Encounter

This morning’s early run was great. The programme called for a “Tempo” run. Basically run for 15 minutes at a hard pace. I really wasn’t looking forward to this as I have a pace and, though I do want to run faster, I’m comfortable with it. Anyway it went well today getting PBs at 1 mile, 1 km and 1/2 mile but that wasn’t necessarily the takeaway from today’s run.

After the run when I was walking back to the car in recovery mode I heard a voice behind shouting to me. Quickly checking that I hadn’t dropped anything, gloves, hat and earphones all come off after a run, my heart dropped. It was one of those people that talk to everyone. At 7am (ish)!! But no he just wanted the time.

“7:20? Is that all? God, it’s early!” And then the chatting began. First with an apology. Apologising for drinking so early in the morning. To be honest I hadn’t noticed the open whisky bottle in his hand. At this point the trepidation set in. Will he offer me a drink and then get upset and angry when I refuse? But no he didn’t. He apologised again and I told him not to. We spoke about my journey, my drinking, my running (all at a social distance, of course) we spoke about giving up and recovery. He congratulated me on my journey spoke about stopping himself and continued on with a cheery wave.

Will he stop? I don’t know. I doubt it but can hope. He might think about it later and think “Remember when I spoke to that guy on the Prom. He had some things figured out. Maybe I don’t need this after all.” Who knows but the whole conversation made me feel good. Possibly even better than the PBs. Well maybe not.

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