Hello Again

Greetings friend. Yes you. The one that actually reads this. Been missing me?

It’s been almost 2 months since I last wrote my blog so I thought I’d let you know I hadn’t fallen off the edge of the world.

Well what’s been going on? To be honest, not a lot. That’s partially why I’ve not been blogging. But also I’ve been so busy I’ve not had time to blog. Nothing major keeping me busy just family, work and life in general.

So looking back at the last 2 months I’ve run my second and third 5Ks of the year. One in February and one in March but only a week and the length of the M8 apart.

The 22nd of February saw us (me and my support team) travel along the M8 to Glasgow Green for the “Glasgow Winter Warmer 5K”. A nice bright Saturday morning. NOT!! If you remember back then it seemed to be storm season. Storm Dennis had just passed and Storm Jorge was on his way and the weather that weekend was awful. It was daylight when we left at 7 on Saturday morning but as we approached Glasgow night time appeared to fall then 10 minutes later it was back to daylight. Weird. By the time the race started the weather had settled to just VERY windy. Dry but VERY windy. It was actually a good run and I was happy to maintain my under 40 minute time.

A week and a day later, a new month and a new race. Nearer to home this time in Edinburgh. The Meadows Marathon Festival 5K. Organised by the students of Edinburgh University and, for students, they did a good job. Twice round The Meadows for the 5K and another sub 40 minute time. Better than that. 53 seconds off of the time the week before. Onward and upward!

That’s basically what’s been happening apart from continuing to not drink and continuing to fast daily. The weight loss has been a bit slower but the good news is that since the Superbowl (I was expecting a little pause there) the loss has been consistent.

The only other thing that has happened recently has been this pandemic thing. It’s affected us all. Some more than others but there isn’t anyone that hasn’t been affected in some way. As Nicola said “life should not feel normal, and if it does, you should ask yourself if you are doing the right things”.

How has my life changed?

Majorly? I’m now working from home. Have been for 2 weeks. I could say it’s a struggle but really it’s not. It can be a pain. Setting up my office for homeworking in theory should have been easy. I was doing it the weekend before this started. That was different though. That was one day. A night really. I wasn’t really doing what I normally do. Not needing to be connected to the work network. Able to work on my small laptop screen instead of my 2 monitors. Now I need my 2 monitors. My network connection. I had to set my desk up in a way that worked. A way that felt comfortable. How I set it up at first seemed great. A day later I changed it. The day after I changed it again. I think I’ve got it now but who knows what tomorrow brings? And then when I finish work what? I occasionally game in the evenings. Gaming in my workspace seems so wrong. Maybe not wrong but alien? So yes at 5:30 clear away the paperwork and the pens. Switch off the workbased software that will occasionaly popup with a notice from someone working late who wants to give a heads up for the morning but because I’m using my home machine I see it live…… It’s a learning curve. It’s been a steep one but it’s levelling out now and we’re getting there.

The other major change is not seeing family. Face to face. Video calls, texts, phonecalls, group chats etc are good. But missing out on my son’s 30th birthday Missing my grandson’s 2nd birthday. Not being able to pick my grandson and get cuddles and kisses from him, play football with him. These next few months are going to be hard. But we’ll get through it and we’ll come out of it. Maybe not better but definitely different. Improved in some ways I hope. More tolerant of our neighbours. More appreciative of our family, friends and workmates.

On major minor irritation is that my running schedule is all to pot! My plan to run a 5K every month is on the rocks with cancellations alone. Nevermind what might happen with lockdowns etc if/when they come. But I’ll keep training. If all else fails I’ll do the 5Ks on the treadmill.

But we’re all in this together so let’s look out for each other, as much as we can while social distancing, and be there for one another.

And now a little something I read during the week.

Look how much you’ve already managed to adapt to.
Look how resilient you’ve already been.
There’s no “right” way to respond to this because it’s never, ever happened before.
Give yourself some credit.
There’s no one in the whole world who has this figured out yet.
So it’s absolutely okay if you don’t either.


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