Superbowl LIV (spoilers)

San Fransisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs

So Kansas are the ‘nominal’ home team despite being second on the billing (as usual American sports defy tradition and place the ‘home’ team second. Just like they put the date the wrong way round!) and in the weeks preceding this I thought were the underdogs. Basing this purely on the history of the 49ers as I’ve not really followed the season since it became obvious that the Steelers weren’t going to make the closing stages of the season. My terrible towel is folded away for this season. So it was a big surprise to me to check the betting and see that they were favourites. All be it marginal favourites and the handicap betting only giving the 49ers a one and a half point start. I think I’ll have to do some research before the game starts tonight.

So that was a shock! The old “West Coast Offense” so loved of the 49ers teams I used to watch is no longer their style with the team now playing a more running game. That puts a different slant on who I want to win. I mean passing has it’s place but Gridiron is surely more about getting down an dirty in the trenches. Smashmouth style! But the chiefs have a great passing quarterback and a wide reciever who runs like Usain Bolt (maybe an exaggeration). I’m going to hold off on the prediction game and see how this goes.

First quarter.
Three and out for the Chiefs from the kick off and the 49ers reply with a good drive to the 25 yard line. And the field goal is good. 3-0
Chiefs receive again and drive up the field. Mahomes sacked on a first down at the 15 yd line then rushes close to the five. Fourth down and they’re short of the touchdown but it’s a first down inside the one. Second down and Mahomes squirts in for the first touchdown of Superbowl LIV. The extra point is good. 3-7
49ers receive and pass to near midfield and the quarter ends.

Second quarter.
2nd down and the Chiefs intercept and take over just short of halfway.
1st down and Mahomes launches a near 30yd pass for a completion. Kansas have a 4th and 1 near the 20 and they convert. Three and out and the field goal unit come out. 3-10
Three first downs take San Francisco over midfield. A quick snap and they quickly move down to the 26. A simple over the top short pass and it’s another first down. Play action and the 49ers are in for a touchdown! The point after is good. 10-10
Chiefs restart at the 19. They drive down to just over midfield and it’s the 2 minute warning.
Three downs and the Chiefs stall at midfield and punt into the endzone. 59 seconds left. 49ers seem to be making progress but a flag knocks them 10 yards back and the half finishes.

Half time
J-Lo and Shakira coming up.
Well that was OK. Not what I would call spectaular or groundbreaking but a good neutral half-time show. Pleasant.

The second half coming up and I’m still awake. Can only be a good thing.

Third quarter.
49ers to receive. From the 16 they drive upfield to the 24 and the field goal unit come out. 13-10
After a penalty on the return Chiefs move up to the 40 then Mahomes throws an interception and San Francisco take over at their own 45.
They drive up to the 11 yd line and come up short on their first attempt but punch through on the next down. The point after is good. 20-10
Chiefs start at their 25. They progress to the 46 and it’s the end of the quarter.

Fourth quarter.
From thier own 46 the Chiefs march downfield until Mahomes is sacked for a loss of 9 at the 36. Another interception from the Chiefs quarterback gives the ball back to the 49ers.
From their own 20 yard line the 49ers make their way to the 39 yard line then false start to leave a third and 14 which they fail to convert. They punt to the 17 yard line where a fair catch is called.
A drive up to the 52 yard line is halted by a challenge from the 49ers and the drive is taken back to the 35 yard line. Third and 15 and Mahomes launches a bomb to the 21 yard line. First down! We get to a third down and it’s incomplete but there’s a flag on the play. Foul in the endzone so the ball is placed on the one yard line and it’s a quick pass to an open receiver on a play action and it’s a touchdown! The extra point is good. 20-17
San Francisco take over on the 20 yard line and they go 3 and out. The punt is called for a fair catch at the 35 yard line.
Just over 5 minutes to go and the Chiefs take over. 4 plays later and they’re down at the 11 yard line with a first down. 3 plays later, touchdown! The point after is good. 20-24
After the return the 49ers start at the 15. They make it to the 35 yard line and it’s the 2 minute warning.
49ers restart and after one first down they go to third and 10 from the Chiefs’ 49. Garoppolo is sacked at his own 42.
On the 2nd play the Chiefs score. Touchdown! The point after is good 20-31
The 49ers return the kickoff from the 25 yard line. Their second play is intercepted and it’s game over with less than a minute left and the ball on their own 41.

Well that was a good game. Swung both ways but after the way the Chiefs came through their last two games no one should have written them off in the second half.

Now it’s time for bed.


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