Project Number Three

You’ll maybe remember that I said I started a new project two months ago but was keeping it secret. Well today the secret will be revealed.

Project one was 5 months ago when I gave up drinking alcohol. That’s going well.

Project two was starting to run. That’s not been as easy as project one. An old injury flareup stopped me running for two weeks and really set me back. In my drinking days that would have been it and I’d have quit (any excuse) but I’m back out running and even running outside, away from the treadmill. And a week today I’ll be taking part in my first 5K race. That is scary stuff. But I’ll complete it one way or another.

But project three I hear you ask. Some people have noticed the results of it and have commented which is pleasing so now the big reveal. In the last two months I’ve lost a stone in weight. How have I done it? It’s been a blend of two things. The running and exercising that is part of the programme are helping but what has made the most difference is I have been Intermittent Fasting.

What is Intermittent Fasting?
There are many different ways to do Intermittent Fasting but what it’s not is starvation. It is not starving yourself to lose weight. I like my food. I might not be adventurous in my eating habits, but I eat what I like and I like what I eat. I couldn’t starve myself. What it is is limiting when you eat. Some people do what is called a 5:2 programme where they eat normally for five days and restrict calorie intake to maybe 500/600 calories the other two days. Some do ADF (Alternate Day fasting). Similar to 5:2 you eat normally one day and restrict the next day and simply repeat.

What I’ve been doing is fasting every day. Not all day but for a minimum of 16 hours and then eating normally during the other 8. Simple and straightforward. In practice? Well I’ll stop eating about 8PM and start my 16 hour fast then. I’ll close my fasting window 16 hours later at midday the next day. Guess what? For 6 or 7 of those hours I’ll be asleep. And then I’ll repeat.

Like giving up drinking it’s been easy.
Like giving up drinking I feel better.
Like giving up drinking I look better.
Like giving up drinking I’ve had a lot of support from Facebook groups.
Like giving up drinking I read a book before starting. (Again I would recommend this book to anyone who asks

So why did I keep it secret? I knew this would be successful but also knew that many people would be disparaging. I wanted to get the proof first before “coming out” with my decision. You might be one of those people and I don’t blame you. I would be sceptical too. Indeed I was when a friend, a few years ago, said he was doing 5:2. Modern mumbo jumbo I thought. But looks like, for him, it might have been right. So please if you have any questions/concerns ask me. Either in person, if you’re lucky enough to know me personally, or in the comments below.

The journey so far.

Another plus of this weight loss is that I now have a stone less to drag around for 5K next week in Inverness. You honestly didn’t think I’d let you off without the obligatory link?


1 thought on “Project Number Three

  1. Well done Charles, I said you had lost weight.One whole stone is absolutely Brilliant. I noticed it even more when you came in this afternoon but thought it might be because you were wearing a dark t-shirt. ( which will make you LOOK slimmer).
    You have come a long way in the last few months, keep up the good work. You will smash it next week. Good luck.

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