I’m Still Here

Yup, I’m still here!

It’s been 6 weeks since I last wrote my blog and so much has happened in my life I haven’t had a spare minute to write. Well I probably have but just not had the inclination. I started this to journalise (is that a word or have I been watching too much Judge Judy?) what I thought was going to be a traumatic time giving up drinking. It wasn’t that traumatic in the end.

I then started writing about starting running. That stalled, restarted, stalled agin with an injury and has restarted in a crazy, confused kind of way. All good just not the way I expected it to go. Since my last blog I’ve “run” two 5K races. And, whisper it, I’ve enjoyed them! Both very different. One morning run where the weather was mild and one evening one with Baltic weather. But both fun in their own way. I’ve another coming up in 5 weeks where I’ll be wearing a Santa suit. Who would have thought running for just over 3 miles could be so varied?

The last time I wrote I revealed project number 3, Intermittent Fasting. Well I’m still doing it and again it’s easier than I thought it would be. The more I do it the easier it becomes and the results are even impressing me. At the moment I’ve lost a stone and a half in three months. I don’t see it that much myself but the non scalar evidence is there as well as what those scales say. I’ve got an extra hole in my belt. I feel healthier. Running is easier (partially because I’m doing more, I agree, but also partially because I feel able to do more). My resting heart rate is now at the level of an Olympic athlete (just need the rest of my body to join it). But best of all, and what gives me the biggest kick, is other people notice and comment. That’s when I know it’s going right.

So what else has been keeping me busy? Well the grandson is now well and truly a walking person now. He’s getting a bit like the Duracell Bunny. He never stops. We were out in the back garden a couple of weeks ago looking at the trees and the flowers when he remembered the way to get round the front. My fault, I’d shown him the way a few weeks before. So off we went round the front. And on. And on. And on. I worked it out at the time and the wee monster must have walked 500 metres that day. He only had wee 17 month old legs! Must have been the equivalent of me running a 5K. But quicker!

The last bird is about to leave the nest as well. He has his house and is now just getting it kitted out his way and he’ll be off. He’s not going too far so his mum will probably, nah definitely, be popping in to see him from time to time.

So I’ve got a week off work next week. No real reason for it except I had days to use up so thought I’d better use them. I’m going to try and get back on my bike. It’s been at least 30 years since I did any serious cycling so I’m going to take it easy and not go out in traffic and instead try out the local cycle track. It’ll be interesting. But goodness knows what other mischief I’ll get up to, or what new hair-brained scheme I’ll come up with. But when it happens you’ll read about it here no doubt.


1 thought on “I’m Still Here

  1. Charles, you are doing an amazing job…., too good in fact…. cos Christmas is coming and I don’t have a clue what size you are !!!! You can see the weight has come off and you are MUCH better for it. ( NOT so grumpy) lol
    I was thinking I had missed your blogs as you hadn’t written anything for ages. You can use your time off by helping with a FLITTING, bring me my ladders back and cut back some bushes since you have my loppers. (that will get rid of more weight) .
    Seriously, well done you. x


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