Project Update

Well I’ve binned the C25K project.

Well that’s back to expected behaviour I hear you say. Possibly true but maybe not. Maybe this is the rational me thinking?

I did think C25K would be a good way for me to ease myself into running but it wasn’t really. For someone who has done no running since leaving school (and believe me that wasn’t yesterday) running even for a minute was too much to start with. But the good news is that I’ve found another plan that better fits my level of fitness.
(Adjust and adapt is now part of my new mantra.)
It has a slower start and will take longer but I do think it is better suited to real couch potatoes. Only one way to find out I suppose.

So as of Tuesday I’ll be following the plan from

Not regressing. Evolving.

As for the other project. The not quite mental but definitely not physical one. Well TADA!!!

If you can remember the first image I put up a week ago the figures were 16106, 23174 and 9565 respectively. I think I can safely say I’ve cut that down. Now the next part of that project is to sift through those that have made the cut and identify those that I really need to keep. For instance where I’ve changed my email address on certain applications so older ones can be deleted. I’m also going to put a folder system in so that when I’ve read something I can put it away someplace relevant and safe.
How organised am I becoming??

So plenty to keep me busy plus whatever TBH adds to my workload.


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