5K for £500

I’m not a runner but since giving up drinking I’ve decided that as well as being sober I need to be fitter.  So I’ve started running and to give me an added incentive I’ve decided to try and raise some money.  This is something I’ve done before but haven’t done for a few years due to steadily getting less and less fit.  This time though I won’t be walking. I hope to be running.

So I started, at the beginning of June (or maybe the end of May), attempting C25K but after finding the first week hard and having logistical difficulties in week 2 I sought an alternative programme.  I started last night and all going well should complete it at the end of August.  So a month’s leeway.  I should manage it.

Now the charity.  FASD Scotland.  I’ve cheated and copied the below from their website as they know more about themselves than I do:

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) – a range of detrimental effects to the fetus and baby’s development when alcohol is consumed during pregnancy.  The detrimental effects of FASD, for the child and their family, are life-long. As many pregnancies are unplanned, women might not be aware they are pregnant particularly in the first few months. Women and their partners might not be aware of the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy which can impact their child’s development, physical and mental health, learning and behaviour.

FASD Scotland offers:

  • Information and awareness about the lifelong risks of prenatal exposure to alcohol.
  • Information, support and advocacy to families caring for a child affected by FASD.
  • Strategies for managing FASD.
  • Advice and training to reduce FASD Secondary Disabilities.
  • Training for professionals involved with individuals affected by FASD
  • Partnership with other agencies to prevent FASD and Secondary Disabilities

And now for the obligatory link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/charles-loch-ness


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