September Challenge

This September (next week!!!) I’m starting a new challenge. I’m going to attempt to run 100km in the month. This is going to be hard and quite a stretch for me. At the moment with the re-introduction of Parkrun I’m running about 11K a week which is well below the target I’m going to have to reach to do 100K. So it’s going to mean some more early morning runs and even a couple of afternoon runs on Thursdays and Fridays.

And why am I doing this madness you might ask? Well as usual there is an ulterior motive. For this one I’m trying to see if I can do this sort of distance in a month. At the start of the year I had set myself a target of 50K a month which I thought was doable but sadly life and injury has badly affected that. So upping my game for a month just to see if I can.

But of course there’s a more important reason. I’m doing this to raise money for CHAS. Many of you will know of the excellent work that CHAS do in Rachel House in Kinross, Robin House in Balloch and throughout the communities in Scotland. The work they do is amazing and, quite frankly, awe inspiring. I’ve only had to visit a hospice once and that was hard enough with a friend in his 30s but a hospice for children is something I would find hard to visit never mind work in. But the nurses and staff do this on a daily basis. Amazing! But not only do they do this but they make the houses a supportive place for the children and their families. I honestly don’t have the words to express how I feel about tis organisation and the work they do.

So if you’ve got a couple of pennies to spare please do. Thank you.

So Parkrun today is probably going to be my last warm up for this. Let’s pray I don’t injure myself!

1 thought on “September Challenge

  1. Forgot to give you some cash will organise next time I see you. (remind me). I give to Rachel house anyway so I know of the marvellous work they do for the kids. xx


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