The Last Week

And so the last week of “March the Month” begins. I’ve got to admit it’s been hard going. The first week was fine but after that it’s started to get taxing. Being honest the last few months have been a bit of a lazy affair. Football has been canceled and the weather has provided too many excuses not to run or even go out for a walk. So it’s been tough but I have managed it. My steps have included running and walking but a lot of those steps have come from walking around my living and dining rooms. I’ve got a nice little route figured out but only for after the boss’s bed time so as not to disturb her.

Another thing I’ve started doing is walking on the spot while working. I’ve not quite got a standing desk but it’s amazing what you can do with a little invention. So for Teams meetings where I’m not required to be on screen and not needing to give a lot of input I’ve been walking on the spot. 5 minutes of walking on the spot is about 400 steps so bring on the meetings!

At this point I’d like to acknowledge those who have helped so far. Many thanks to those who have donated. Thanks also to those who have shared my blog posts, my Twitter posts and my Facebook posts. Getting the info about prostate cancer out there is just as important as raising money. And finally a big thanks to all of those who have walked or ran with me these last 3 weeks. It’s really helped keep the legs going and been a nice distraction from putting one foot in front of the other.

So in planning for the last week I’ve got an idea for an event on the last day, that I’ll reveal nearer the time, and received the good news yesterday that Walking Football training will be back on Sunday. It’s non-contact, socially distanced and restricted numbers just like we did back before we locked down this last time. It’ll be good in many ways, not just for the steps.

And a quick reminder on why I’m doing this: 11,000 dads, partners, grandads, sons, brothers, uncles and mates die from prostate cancer every year. That’s one every FORTY FIVE minutes. The money raised will fund lifesaving research but just as important the awareness raised can save lifes. The more you share my blog, my Facebook posts or my Twitter posts the further that awareness will grow. Then more men will get tested. then the quicker cases will be diagnosed and a quicker diagnosis will mean quicker more effective treatment.

And finally if you would like to donate.

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