Next steps

So what now? I’ve made my decision and gotten through the first week relatively unscathed. I’m not missing drinking and I’m feeling physically and mentally better. Well Monday morning I decided that I was going to go back to our Monday night football group. They’re a great bunch of lads on the whole and the banter is good for my spirits even if I am often on the receiving end of a lot of the insults.

Now before people get worried about this old man playing football we play walking football and many of the guys are of an age with me. Whisper it, but some are even older!

Well despite having missed 6 months I was accepted back into the fold and once again was ridiculed. But it was great. I managed not to die (obviously) and almost scored. Maybe next time.

Now that I’m getting healthier maybe I should, starting slowly, try C25K? Maybe the week after next when I’ve been back from Germany for a while?

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