Maggies Dundee

We left Aberdeen in torrential rain. The cruel, grey North Sea to our left, hoping for better weather during the week. The rain continued through Monday. Squally showers whipping the sea up into a frenzy then subsiding and calm. Like a millpond. Then Mother Nature, fickle but strong, churned it all up again.

And so the weather continued all week. Bright and sunny, followed by wind and rain, then wind and sun and on occasion sun and rain at the same time. Strange times.

And so this part of the trek comes to an end as we headed along Riverside Drive and then up in the direction of Ninewells Hospital.

Designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry, and built in 2003, Maggie’s Dundee was the first new-build Maggie’s Centre. The white, cottage-like building with a wavy silver roof is modelled on a traditional Scottish “butt n’ ben” dwelling, and offers a welcoming sense of calm and sanctuary.

The garden, designed by Arabella Lenox-Boyd, contains a labyrinth design based on the one at Chartres Cathedral in France. The labyrinth is an allegory for life: It isn’t a maze, there are no dead ends, but you have to trust you will find a route through, even though often it feels like you are heading in completely the wrong direction. Also, in the grounds of the centre is a sculpture by acclaimed artist Anthony Gormley, entitled Another Time X.

So now the fun part of the journey as we head through the Fife countryside down to Kirkcaldy. It’s a short stretch but a homecoming for the team as we walk to the Maggies Centre in Kirkcaldy which has been a great support to Janet and one which she continues to support in many different ways.

Maybe we’ll stage a symbolic walk along to the centre when our virtual mileage has us getting close.

In the meantime here is the obligatory sponsorship link.
Please feel free to sponsor any one of us. The money’s all going to the same place.


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