I’ve taken today and Monday as annual leave. I said previously to workmates that as we’re working from home during this pandemic I didn’t see the point of taking leave as what am I going to do? Sit around watching TV? But now 6-7 weeks or so of working from home I’ve changed my mind. I need a break for my mental health. So I’m on leave and as I’ve never baked before, my wife’s an excellent baker so I’ve not needed to, I decided to make myself some Friday treats. So that was this morning’s task.

It started well. Not going for any fancy recipes I’ve bought a cake mix box. Instructions seem simple and I’ve assembled everything I need. I’m prepared. So open cake mix add oil and milk and mix. Easy. At this point the instructions said the mixture should be stiff but if it wasn’t holding together to add a little extra milk. It wasn’t holding and looked dry so I added some milk. But maybe added a bit too much. It was now, most definitely, too wet but I bashed on mixing regardless.

The next instruction was to roll the mix into balls. This mix wasn’t rolling into anything! So I got my hands in and transferred some onto the baking tray. With hindsight, and some late advice from family, I maybe should have used a spoon or two. I never thought of this.

At this point it’s all going “Pete Tong”. Fingers dripping with chocolate cookie mix. I did say they were chocolate cookies I was making, didn’t I? So I called for help. “Help” came but was no help whatsoever due to hysterical laughing and rushing back to get her phone to video me. So I did what I could and transferred what I could to the baking tray and then, after washing my hands, to the oven.

And then my phone started beeping every two seconds. The video that the “Help” had taken had by now been shared on the family Whatsapp channel. This of course would be the day when none of them were at work. Oh the hilarity
“Surely dad has seen someone making cookies before…” Sorry son that’s not on my subscribed YouTube channels.
“That is giving me the actual fear of life that you aren’t using spoons.” Wait until you see me making a casserole, my dear.
“Charlie will like baking with granddad one day.”
“Yeah and Charlie will probably do a better job!”

Just let me say at this point that the family quiz questions I have compiled for Monday might be getting upped in degree of difficulty after today!

Now back to the cookies. They were in the oven for the required amount of time, came out and on to the cooling rack and, despite all the negativity from family, they’ve actually turned out not too bad.

Misshapen but tasty.

And you know what? I’m not sharing!

2 thoughts on “Cookies

  1. Definitely spoons next time 😂. Bet they tasted good though.


    1. Had a good belly laugh but they turned out ok in the end.


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