It’s been a year

Well that’s it. One whole year without alcohol. How do I feel? OK I suppose. Just like every other day I think. No alcohol is, to use the phrase of the year, the “New Normal”.

In reality this hasn’t been hard. Once the first few days were completed it was what it was. And even those first few days were a mental thing. A change of habit if you like. I didn’t buy alcohol and if I didn’t buy it I couldn’t drink it. Simple and straightforward. And you know what? I’ve never felt the need to lift a glass since. And that includes a football weekend away in Germany 10 days into my sobriety. A great weekend away but an alcohol free one, for me at least. Why this time was different I honestly don’t know but here I am a year later and feeling great.

But this wasn’t the only change. In late May I started running. I’ve stopped occasionally so I’m not that far from home at the moment. I decide to start running as I found myself, having stopped drinking, putting on the pounds. Cutting out alcohol should have meant less calories going in, right? True but if you replace the liquid calories with sweets, crisps, chocolate etc then…… Something had to be done. So far I’ve completed nine 5Ks. I’ve yet to run a full one but that day will come.

And so onto July. The weight’s still not coming off, in fact the number seems to be getting bigger. But now I embarked on another big, life changing project which I kept to myself for a while. I realised that the pounds weren’t going to disappear all by themselves and all the running in the world wasn’t going to help them go if I was still stuffing my face with rubbish every evening. And so my Intermittent Fasting lifestyle started. By stealth. I’ve explained in other posts how IF works, well maybe not HOW it works but how I do it so I’ll not repeat it here you’ll just have to search. But suffice to say that 9 months later I’m almost 2 stone (13kg) lighter and a lot healthier.

And that my dear friends has been my year without alcohol. There have been many other things happening along the way that I’ve either chronicled here or on other social media platforms but this is the summary. I’d like to thank all of you who have read my blog, my Facebook and Twitter gibberish and have spoken to me in real life. I’d also like to thank all of my family for putting up with me for so long. I’m not going to mention names but you all know who you are.


3 thoughts on “It’s been a year

  1. Chuckles I know you dont need it, or probably want it, but I’m so proud of you. My theory as to why it worked this time, is that it was the Right Time. We all have our slap across the face…wake up call, which usually isn’t the stereotypical Rock Bottom scenario we see on TV. I’m just glad you had yours.
    High five chuckles 😊

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  2. I cannot comprehend how proud I am of you. The difference in you not only in mentality and physical appearance but also in character. You have achieved a massive amount in such a short space of time. Keep going, you have helped not only yourself in your journey but have helped lots of others by sharing your story and experiences. x


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