Twitch (a walk on the wild side)

A busy day yesterday meant an early night. I was tired (it must be an age thing). Just before hitting the hay I decided to check my emails and noticed that my eldest son was playing “Golf with Friends” on Twitch. Now for those that don’t know Twitch it’s a video live steaming service. Doesn’t help? In basic terms it allows you to play a video game (are they still called that?) and broadcast it to other like minded souls on the internet. Now I’ve been following said son on Twitch for a while. Watching him play, chatting and occasionally catching sight of my grandson. Not usually playing but last night’s game was one that I have, so why not?

Now for total transparency I had played earlier in the evening when he was playing “Brawlhalla” but it was a bit quick for me and I really wasn’t sure what I was doing. No pleasure for me so I binned it. Now golf is a game I know and having downloaded this game before (but having no friends that play this!) I’ve never actually played it. A bit of a step into the unknown.

“Golf with Friends” is basically an online version of crazy golf. Now we’ve all played it and it’s easy to understand. Right? Well if you know the courses it’s easy. If you only have to worry about putting the ball in the hole it’s easy. If it’s a four ball it’s easy. But complex courses, the ability to play billiards with your opponents’ balls and up to 12 players changes that somewhat. Boy was that fun! Anarchic! But fun.

However this was also on Twitch. Not just on my son’s Twitch but on his friend’s Twitch accounts as well. So they’re all broadcasting and all chatting (on something called Discord, I think) and it’s a Saturday night so there’s a lot of “the banters” (a Scottish-Canadian phrase I believe) going on. It was shall we say “enlightening”. Now I follow a few of his mates so I was able to switch between accounts and add my tuppence worth (point of order here. If you comment on somebody’s channel proper protocol is to also follow them. Mea Culpa.).

Now I should also point out at this point that I was slandered last night. By my eldest son! He warned everyone that I was a TROLL!!!! I totally dispute this. I am not! I am a professional Wind Up Merchant (WUM) always have been, but never a troll! My legal team will be in touch, son!

The one problem I did have with Twitch is the delay. My setup is such that I play the games I play on one PC and use the other for watching Twitch, emails etc. Normally I’m doing my stuff on one and, if watching Twitch, the other is on in the background. Now this doesn’t normally bother me as I’m not “in the game”. But last night when someone is trash-talking me for something I did about a minute previous my rapier comeback looks like a long thought out riposte. Not my style. Once this whole pandemic malarkey is over I’m going to have to get the Eldest up here to sort things out.

To thank the guys and gals from last night for the entertainment here’s a wee shoutout (maybe they’ll let me play Fortnite with them sometime soon).

Parental Advisory – Possible Explicit Content




And not forgetting cjsnowy a workmate of mine who’s a bit of a Twitch noob but is a gallant trier.


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