Red January The Last Wee Bit

The end of Red January

Day 29
Lunchtime walk. Went for the middle distance today. Felt I needed a few more steps than I’ve done recently.
N2R W9 D7 Was chucking it down tonight so I wimped out and jumped on the treadmill. It didn’t feel too bad. Didn’t feel too good either but it was done. Felt better later on when I heard that the local running group had cancelled their Wednesday night session. If it’s too wet for them then it’s too wet for me.

Day 30
Small lunchtime walk. Just a short one today as I went out after I had eaten and felt a little too heavy to walk any distance.
Some strengthening exercises late in the evening from N2R including a couple of planks. I’ve neglected these since before Christmas and boy does it show.

Day 31
Lunchtime walk. Took the longer walk today since I neglected yesterday’s decent length walk and it felt good. Better than falling asleep reading my book at lunchtime anyway.
Evening run. Well this just wasn’t meant to be. I was ready. I was there. I got the watch intervals sorted (eventually). And off I went. 200 meters later, legs tired , heart not in it. Time to walk. Completed a circuit, walking, and headed home. RED January ends with a damp squib.

So what have I learnt this month? I’ve learnt that I can be active every day. I’ve learnt that being active every day is not easy when you spend roughly 7 hours a day sat in front of a computer. I learnt that when I don’t make an effort to be active my step count is about one third of the recommended step count for being healthy. I’ve learnt that running, outdoors or on the treadmill, and walking are good for clearing the mind. Not completely, ’cause that way lies madness, but just enough to bring a little calmness.

So that’s January’s challenge over. Now on to February’s (it’s a lot easier by the way).


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