Red January W4

The last full week of Red January

Day 22
Yoga breathing class. Interesting fact: In normal life we exhale out of one nostril at a time. Typically alternating every 90 minutes. WOW!!!
This was a pretty basic class nothing out of left field really. However I did set up my Garmin to record so I could track my heart rate throughout. My average heart rate for the session was 44bpm. A bit higher at the start and a bit higher when try to breath out of one nostril rather than the other (this might take some practice) but in the middle of the session getting down to 39bpm. I’ll be investigating this more.
Beginning to feel the strain of doing something active every day. I don’t think it’s doing something every day more it’s some days doing more than one activity. Going to roll things back a bit so no run tonight.

Day 23
Lunchtime walk. Relaxed walk this afternoon. No overexertion. Just really loosening up for tonight’s run.
N2R W9 D5. A better run tonight than Tuesday but not really great. Finding running in the evening getting more difficult. Feeling heavy and bloated and legs are very tired. Really considering at this point getting a standing desk conversion for work. Sitting in front of a computer screen for 7 hours a day can’t be good for my legs. But they’re expensive.

Day 24
Lunchtime walk. Nice brisk walk fair blew the cobwebs out. And that’s it for today.

Day 25
N2R W9 D6. Morning run. I run so much better in the morning. First morning run for a while and it felt so much better. Wasn’t mega-early, it is the weekend after all, but it wasn’t after work and it was during my fasting window.
Ran all of the first 2 intervals and kinda did the other 2 but for me it was important to set down some markers for 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 12 minutes and 14 minutes. This will give me something to build on, a solid base.

Day 26
Morning walk. Didn’t have to be up early this morning to take my son to work but was up early enough that I got bored. MOTD was on but to be honest the FA cup early rounds bore me. So as it’s, officially, a rest day I went for a walk. It’s Sunday so a walk means 5K. So a thought came to me “Why not walk the course you normally run and extrapolate it to 5K? That way you’ll see where, when you CAN run 5K, you’ll end up.” Well that was sound , logical thinking. But where I’m ending up is at the bottom of a hill at 4K! Admittedly it levels out after half a click uphill but still!!! Ah well that’s for another day.

Day 27
Monday night walking football. A good session. No bones broken, no bruises but equally no goals scored.

Day 28
Lunchtime walk. Nice walk this afternoon but a bit slippery underfoot in places. Thankfully I wasn’t running.

So what have I learned this week? Breathing is important. I knew that. But, simply by breathing, which we all do all day every day, it’s possible to (and I’m going to sound like an old hippy now) achieve calmness and inner resolution(?). Or some such stuff I can’t really explain.
Three days left. Two runs and, at least, one walk left.


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