Red January Week 3 (truncated)

W3 is only a 6 day week since W2 was 8 days.
But here’s a reminder of the Wizard’s sponsorship page.

Day 16
Lunchtime walk. Nice short walk today really as a warm up for tonight’s W9 D2 run. Set what I thought was a reasonable pace but checking it when I had finished showed that it was, slightly, faster han normal. That felt good.
N2R W9 D2 on the treadmill trying to find a decent pace. Upped the pace a little from Tuesday and felt comfortable. Until 2 minutes in I realised I hadn’t started my watch. ARGHHHH!!! Well that knocked me. I was still using my phone (strapped on to the treadmill) for my intervals and the treadmill itself for distance but somehow it didn’t feel quite right. Still I completed it. Walked a bit on some of the intervals but a quick walk. Faster than I was running at the start on Tuesday. So a good lot of effort but I felt it was really messy. Still it’s done and now onto Saturday. Do I continue on the treadmill? Or do I pop down the road and do the Parkrun at W9 intervals? At the moment I’m not sure.

Day 17
Lunchtime walk. Short walk today with the prospect of my Friday treat at the end of it. A nice chocolate truffle mouse. I named him Mike to take away the temptation to eat him before I went out for my walk. Mike tasted good!!

Day 18
N2R W9 D3 on the treadmill. Didn’t do the Parkrun. Will leave that ’til next week. Felt better than Thursday’s effort but then I find morning runs usually do. No watch issues today thankfully. Managed all of the intervals and even put a little bit of a sprint on for the last one.

Day 19
Morning walk. On New Years Eve I did a 5K walk after I dropped my son off at work at freezing o’clock. Decided then that if I was going to be taking him to work every Sunday I would make this a regular thing. I’m awake and would just be going home and “resting” in front of the TV otherwise. Then he got a lift arranged for Sundays. Ah well. Today his lift was on holiday so I was up early on a Sunday so why not. Finished the 5K in 30 seconds quicker than New Years Eve. That felt good.
Now I’m supposed to be playing golf next……
And so to the golf. Boy was that cold? The ground was hard to start with and trying to get a tee in? Well it was difficult but once through the frozen ground the soil was compliant. Was better playing when we did than later I think, because it did start to thaw and the ground was , shall we say, a bit more yielding by the end of nine holes. But a good slow walk, good chat and some nice fresh air.

Day 20
I had been planning on running tonight but decided not to overdo things so it will be just football tonight. So this week’s W9 runs will be outdoors on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And as Saturday is Parkrun day I’ll be up bright and early on Saturday morning. But for now it’s Monday night football coming up.
That was a good session. Good banter and a good stretch of the muscles. I’ll be sore in the morning but it’ll be different muscles aching than the muscles that ache the day after a run.

Day 21
Lunchtime walk. Set off on this this afternoon and quickly felt that I needed to slow down. Legs were feeling heavy. So I made it a lunchtime stroll since I had a run in the evening.
N2R W9 D4 my first W9 out doors. Felt good starting out but quite quickly realised this wasn’t going to happen today. Binned it halfway through. Really not feeling it.

So I’ve learnt this week that sometimes you can do too much even when you don’t think you are doing a lot. So I’m going to slow things down a bit. I’ll retry my run tomorrow night but won’t go for a lunchtime walk. Instead tomorrow at lunchtime I’ll attend our Yoga breath class at work. I’ve been breathing for some time now (certainly longer than I’ve been running) but it might be good to take a step back and see if I can do it better.


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