Red January W2

I’m a day late with this update for Red January ( but that’s because I was busy last night doing Red January stuff. ie being active.

So what have I been up to this week?

Day 8
Lunchtime walk. As I said before I’ve neglected these a bit recently so it was nice to get out and get some fresh air. Was a good warm up, stretch the legs, exercise for the evening run. The evening run went remarkably well. Still doing W8 routines but feeling good and consistent. Only problem with today’s exercises was with my watch. Last night I set it for indoor running on the treadmill. Forgot about that so for today’s jaunts there was no mapping and therefore not as much meaningful data. But, hopefully, I won’t be doing that again.

Day 9
Lunchtime walk. A longer lunchtime walk today to get the stiffness from yesterday’s exertions eased. Bit of a brisker pace today. Well worth going out for.

Day 10
Circumstances conspired against me today so didn’t get out at lunchtime so just another W8 run today. The run felt good and I covered a bit more distance during the 25 minutes. Good news is though that I’ve run all the intervals these last 2 runs so the next run will be the last W8 run. I hope.

Day 11
What a horrible day this was. Lots of rain. Horrible high winds. Just yuck. After last night’s good run I had toyed with doing the local Parkrun today but in this weather not a chance! But it’s a rest (no running) day anyway so that’s fine. But this is Red January so I’m going to have to do something. So it’s N2R strength exercises at various points in the day (probably more than set out) and a trip down to see Captain Chaos to satisfy the mental health aspect of Red January. Can’t really spend any time with him without having fun.

Day 12
Out running at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning. What have I turned into? My last W8 run if all goes well. And it did. I noticed it straight away. My first interval didn’t stop at the normal place and thinking I had messed up with the watch again (it’s happened before) I checked it and still 10 seconds to run. OK Second run and I’m even further ahead of my normal marks. “I’m going to blow this and be out on my feet halfway through!”. But no. I kept going finishing up running 300 yards further than normal. Checked the run afterwards and…….Ran my fastest 1K….Ran my fastest mile…Ran my fastest 2 miles! No excuse now not to progress to W9.

Day 13
Lunchtime walk today was a trip to Asda. Nice and brisk. Monday night is football night so a good workout guaranteed (unless I get injured). A good night but not as good as the week before. Really too many bodies for just one game and not enough for two games. But it was a good workout and as usual the banter was tops.

Day 14
Another lunchtime walk but the shorter course today. Tuesday is always an achy day. Football uses different muscles to running. Running tends to be a straight ahead action. Football has lots of lateral movement. Not saying they’re not compatible. Just different. And so to the first W9 run. Intervals have gone up from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. Thinking I’m better doing this on the treadmill to start with, find a comfortable pace and then go outdoors. So I set off at an easy pace and after the first 3 reps I up the speed for the fourth. Works a treat and I complete the run. It’s shorter than previous runs but I expected that. Thursday I’ll up the starting speed (again on the treadmill) and see how that feels. But today’s run felt good and felt like an accomplishment.

Day 15
The day that shouldn’t be here. An early lunch today so I’m out walking before I eat. IF and all that. It’s a nice bright day, a little bit windy. So I start out on my long lunchtime course. Walk feels good. Wind blowing me along at some points (it would be as I pass the school so with my fast walking pace and the strong winds I look like I’m auditioning for the Ministry of Funny Walks!) and holding me back at others. Get to the point where I would normally be turning back to work and I decide to continue on on a part of my short course and add half a mile to the walk. Why not? Felt good to put some more meaningful yards in.

So week 3 will be truncated If I remember to post on TUESDAY!!! More W9 running (I’ll probably take 2 weeks of W9 ’til I’m happy) and walking and of course Monday night football. Plus no doubt a little touch of Captain Chaos thrown in.

#LovingLifeAgain #REDJanuary2020 #redjanuary2020

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