Red January Week 1

I’ve started this year with a bit of a challenge. Red January ( Some of you may know what this is, indeed you might be doing it as well but I’ll explain anyway.

This January, challenge yourself to get active every day, your way.

Basically do something active every day. Run, swim, cycle, walk, gym, yoga just do something active. It’s run in partnership with Mind and raising money through sponsorship is an option. I’m doing the challenge as part of Kirkcaldy Wizards who have a fundraising page (

So how’s it been going?

Day 1
New Year’s Day. Kirkcaldy Parkrun. My first Parkrun. It was a bit daunting before running. Just visualising running round the park (twice) and that hill (twice) seemed a bit of “Oh that’s a long way to go!”. But once I got started and noted how in reality it was a much shorter distance than it was in my mind, it was great. A reasonable time for my first Parkrun and a target to look to getting under.

Day 2
Heatherhall Wood. A nice gentle woodland walk with Karen to relax after the festivities. It’s a place we often walk but still find new ways to go and things to see. This time we saw a herd of cows. “Herd of cows? Certainly I’ve heard of cows, you dope!”. Sorry couldn’t resist. But it was nice peaceful, relaxing. Time to just chat.

Day 3
N2R W8 Day something or other. My training was disrupted in November and early December by a cold so it’s taken me a bit time to get back on track and W8 seems to be difficult to get over. But I decided during the winter break to run outdoors in the morning and this seems to be paying off with a good run and achieving my best estimated 2 mile stretch. Week 8 will soon be toast.

Day 4
Just a walk today. Football in the afternoon and Karen was out gallivanting in the morning so taking it easy but still getting some exercise and fresh(ish) air. Needed to conserve my energy though as we were babysitting “Captain Chaos” at night and that boy has limitless energy.

Day 5
A walk with “Captain Chaos” in his buggy. Only about 3 miles pushing the buggy but boy did it give me respect for those that run pushing buggies. Especially those that run with buggies with kids in! It wasn’t that the buggy, avec l’enfant, was heavy (but I have since found out you do get lightweight running buggies WITH hydraulics and pneumatic tyres!) but I kept kicking the wheels or the back of the buggy. And I’ve not got big feet!!

Day 6
Starks Park. Monday night walking football is back. And with a bang! An unprecedented 22 players this week which meant 4 teams playing on 2 pitches in 2 minute games. Two teams of 6 and two teams of 5. This did mean that someone had to switch teams every rotation. Yup that was me. Played for 3 different teams each time against the same team. It was good getting to play with a mix of players and also eventually working out how to play the opposition defenders. Overall a good workout.

Day 7
Lunchtime walk. I’ve neglected these recently. It’s good to get out in the middle of the day. Away from the computer screen even if only for 1/2 an hour. The plan was to do this this afternoon and then do a W8 run when I got home. But the wind and rain when I got home knocked that on the head so the lunchtime walk was all for today.

So now onto week 2. More running and walking and of course Monday night football but I feel like I need to do something else as well. Something different. Any suggestions?

#LovingLifeAgain #REDJanuary2020

5 thoughts on “Red January Week 1

  1. Cycling? Swimming?
    Good idea though and harder to complete than you may think. I’ve done Every Day in May a couple of times which was tough enough with longer days and better weather conditions – ie warm rain 😂

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    1. Yeah it’s not going to be easy. Especially with working 5 days a week. The bike might be coming out but only when the wind dies down. I don’t look good in ruby slippers!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Some gardening for me???


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