Hopes and Expectations

Let me begin by wishing you all a Happy New Year.

I’m writing this before attempting Kirkcaldy Parkrun’s New Year run. So if you don’t hear from me again you’ll know I haven’t survived. 😉

What are my hopes and expectations for the year to come? Peace, love and prosperity for everyone, obviously but on a personal note (and in no particular order)

1. Continue running
I intend this year to continue with running at least one organised 5K a month. I have 4 planned at the moment (after today’s run) but still have to fill in one for April. Preferably near the end of the month.

2. Reach my goal weight and maintain
The goal weight I intend to hit by April which should be a doable goal. Maintaining it should also be doable using the same programme that I’m following.

3. Continue enjoying football
By this I mean playing football. The enjoyment of supporting the Rovers is outwith my hands. I will do what I can. I hope they will do likewise. On the playing side we have trophies to defend and hopefully I can help to defend and reclaim them. If not in playing then certainly in support of some kind. Through writing this blog I have discovered that I can put words together in somewhat coherent sentences so if I’m not playing I will, at least, be writing about the team.

4. Enjoying my family
This goes without saying but I’ve said it so….. I have so much to be thankful for with this bunch that I’m going to enjoy every minute with them. Whether they like it or not!

5. Recycle more
Yes we all recycle and we all should. But do we do it properly? Do we do enough? I know I don’t. So 2020 will see me do a lot more to help “Save the Planet” (bleugh). Seriously though we all can and should do better.

There are many other things that I’ll be doing this year. Some are outwith (a word I will be doing my best to promote this year) these 5 goals and some are intrinsiccly tied to one or more of them. Whenever I’m doing anything big or not so big I’ll probably be posting it here so please keep checking back to see what nonsense (or sometimes sense) is going on.

Once again have a Happy New Year.


1 thought on “Hopes and Expectations

  1. Happy new year hun, all the best for 2020 xx❤️


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