5K Madness

When I first planned this post in my head, yes believe it or not these posts are sometimes planned, I thought I had mentioned something before on my blog. Searching through the posts I realised that I hadn’t. I had in fact said what I thought I said here on a Facebook post in a private group. So here it is.

When I ran my first 5K at five months sober I signed up for another at around the six month mark. And I decided to run one a month from then until I reached one year sober. A week today I run number three. Not quite at the seven month mark but within the month.

So for 2020 I’ve been preparing and have my event calendar done. It has been difficult to find a race every month that’s close enough to home and starts at a time that doesn’t require an overnight stay. But last week I achieved it. Except for January.

This is the programme.

15/12/2019 Lochore Meadows Santa Run
22/02/2020 Glasgow 5K Winter Warmer
01/03/2020 Meadows Marathon 5K
18/04/2020 Chrysaor 5K (Balmoral)
23/05/2020 Edinburgh Marathon Festival 5K
14/06/2020 Race for Life Kirkcaldy

You might notice a few things

  1. I’ve gone beyond the year mark. Yup and I probably will keep doing one “race” a month after June.
  2. I’ve not got a date close to my sober anniversary date. The Balmoral one is the only April “race” I can find at the moment so haven’t committed to that until I have no choice. If anybody sees a “race” closer to the 29th of April let me know.
  3. I haven’t got a January date. Well now I have. It’s Kirkcaldy Parkrun. It’s an organised event. It’s timed. But it has no medal. And it’s on the morning of the FIRST OF JANUARY!!! Yes. I’ll be celebrating the New Year by running!

Hopefully by then I’ll have crashed through the “Lost Two Stone” barrier. Certainly if I keep up the running I should. I haven’t exercised this week because of my cold and the weight (a whole pound) has piled back on so it’s back on the treadmill for me as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “5K Madness

  1. Sobriety by itself is life changing. The fact that you are accomplishing it at the same time with significant weight loss and running is Earth shattering. I have been through the program. I know the journey. I am proud of you. I am behind you 100%.

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  2. In a few years you will be a Grand-dad racer…..with a zimmer. (Its more than can be said for me ) Good on you Chuck !! Keep up the good work.

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