2019 General Election (2)

In my last blog I brought the news that the SNP candidate for my constituency had been suspended by the party and was no longer standing for the party and I was therefore in a bit of a quandary. I presented what the other candidates had said to the local press concerning the two major issues of the day. Since it now turns out that he will be standing, but as an independent, it seems only fair to include his answers to those same questions.

Brexit: In one sentence sum up your stance.
Neale Hanvey: Any Brexit deal will be damaging, and the people oof Scotland must have the right to choose a future that’s best for everyone.

Scottish Independence: In one sentence sum up your stance.
Neale Hanvey: Independence is normal, and as one of the wealthiest countries in the world we are perfectly equipped to be a successful independent nation in Europe.

I said at the time of my last post that I would be voting instead for the Green candidate. However, on reflection, my vote will now go to the original candidate I was going to vote for, though not the original party.

I have included below Neale’s statement regarding his suspension.


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