That Was The Week That Was

A slightly different tack with this post. It’s been about 3 weeks since I last posted myself so to avoid being called lazy (too late but never mind) this is how last week went in summary.

Monday night: Walking football night. I’d had a walk at lunchtime at work. Just a quick walk round the block. Nothing excessive, just over a mile. Then I noticed a wee twinge in my foot in the afternoon but thought nothing of it really. Football was good but as the game wore on the twinge started to get worse. And then it was time to go home. By this time worse had turned into downright painful. Right shoe went on nice and easy but the left? It wasn’t fun. And driving? Well the less I used the clutch the better. Plantar Fasciitis I hate you.

Tuesday morning: No hope of getting my work shoes on and even with trainers on driving was out of the question. And as for getting up early to do my run? The getting up was easy but I wasn’t going to be walking much for a few days never mind running. That’s the 5K training set back another week at least.

Thursday: 4 months sober and time to get the guest blogger in. I had planned to have guest bloggers anyway but this seemed to be the ideal time to invite my first victim guest. And she did a great job. A better writer than me and able to give a different perspective to my life.

Friday: Quiz night. The last quiz night we entered we won. Might have had a couple of ringers then though (young peeps) to answer the pop and yoof kultchur questions. This time we weren’t so lucky. We were the young peeps in our team! But we acquitted ourselves well. Coming in the top half of the leader-board (I’m guessing this, based on a good assumption, as they only announced the first and second places at the end and I’d been tracking all of the scores). Not too shabby. And for my teammates information the question I heard was “What does sound travel fastest in? Water or air?” I suggested air and everyone suggested water. I couldn’t believe how stupid my teammates were. They mentioned whales (or it might have been Wales?) but I was still adamant and they accepted my greater knowledge. It was only later that night that I realised that the question wasn’t “faster” it was “further”. But that was a relief for me. At least my team were playing with a full deck!

Saturday night: A rock gig in Bathgate. It had been a while since I had been at a real stand up, earbursting, up close and personal gig. I’ll be back at one soon I can tell you. A great night even if my legs and ears were complaining later. Storm Breakers was a battle of the bands gig with 5 bands competing for a change to open the WinterStorm festival in Troon later in the year. First up were “Fallen Temples” from Wales (or was it whales?). A good sounding three piece whose bass player looked like he also doubled as their security. Big guy and mean looking. As I say a good sound and a good start. Next up were “Brora Wolf”. A local band from Airdrie (just south of Brora). They came with their fans who quickly filled the area in front of the stage and made some noise. They were OK (IMHO) but not a patch on the first group. “Don’t really know who they want to be.” was the general consensus from those around me. But they weren’t awful. “Heartbreak Remedy” were up next. They had the look of a proper metal/hard rock group. Long hair, bandannas, leather, skinny-type jeans, skulls etc. And they sounded good too. The look and the sound. A good combination. Then came a little band from Bristol “Control the Storm”. Good name for this competition! How they all managed to get onto the small stage was beyond me but they did. A very professional sound but maybe a bit too polished for the venue and the crowd. But good all the same. And so to the final group “Twister”. Another 3 piece. A good look with the lead singer’s unbelievable hairstyle winning the night’s Vidal Sassoon award. Once again a fast paced and in your face style and to be honest the best band of the night. But I’m not the judge (or even one of them). The winners were “Control the Storm”. They were good, don’t get me wrong but maybe their name had something to do with it. So that was it. Back in the car to Kirkcaldy. 1AM I got out of the car. Well I kind of got out. My legs had seized up!! Anyone seeing me walk from the car to the front door would think I’d had a skinful!! “And as I lay me down to sleep….” what that hissing sound I hear? It’s my ears!! Ah well sleep did come eventually but the hissing was still there when I woke. But these minor moans apart a great night. Cheers Steve!

Sunday: Early start taking the worker through to his work (yes, the ears are still hissing) and then back to bed for a couple of hours before playing our fortnightly golf match. Surprisingly my legs have recovered and the round isn’t hard work. Not a great score but it would be hard (for me) to recreate the round from a fortnight ago.

Those my dear friends are the highlights of my week. There were a lot of other things going on but the memory’s going a bit so…..


2 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was

  1. You mean to say you never saw Charlie all week, that must be a first!!


    1. Nope. At least not for any substantial time.


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