It appears that at the weekend some teenagers won a lot of money playing this online game. Millions of pounds it would seem. Good luck to them says I.

Also heard on the news this weekend that it’s a free game. FREE!!!!

I’m on it!!

This time next year it’ll be me. Mr Multi-millionaire. I mean why not? I’ve been gaming for a while. In fact way before any of these guys were born! And I have skillz (note the spelling. I am down wid da kidz!).

So I’ve downloaded it. Now I just have to find out how to play. From my initial research it seems to be a basic shoot-em-up ie you shoot the other players before they shoot you. Seems simple enough.

It’s a Battle Royale style game play. Even better. Last man standing wins. I’ve seen this before. Let them all fight it out and then at the end when one guys done all the work, thinks he’s won. BANG!! Up I pop and kill him. I’ve seen that before in a wrestling match live in front of my eyes (well not the killing part) and it’s a great strategy.

Also you need to collect materials to build things as well. I’ll have to sort that out. Sounds very like the “Sims” and that WAS BORING. Maybe I’ll skip that part and find a tree to hide in until the end-game? Yeah.

I’ll have to get this set up properly. Right buttons in the right place. Get the sound working properly on my gaming PC (still can’t play CSS on that machine cos the sound turns off). And I’m set to go.

This time next year I’ll be a multi-millionaire. Don’t tell me to worry about the begging letters when this happens. I’ll still be sending them out.


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