3 Months

Hasn’t time flown? I don’t know really. I HAVEN’T been counting. I honestly haven’t. This was always a lifestyle change and not… Well I don’t know what it wasn’t I just know what it is. No “one day at a time” nonsense here. You know what I think about that if you’ve read my blog before.

So why this blog post then?

Well quite honestly, it’s been 9 days since my last post and thought you might all be missing me. No? Well I’m gonna post anyway.

The good news is that since my last post I’ve had a birthday. Not a significant one but I’d rather have a birthday than the alternative. Every birthday is another year I’ve escaped from the Grim Reaper. Though nowadays I’m kinda escaping from him myself rather than rushing headlong to meet him.

Plus I’m on a week’s annual leave again. Who remembers what happened the last time I took a week off? Yeah? That’s right I started a wee project. When was that? Oh that’s right. Three months ago! So guess what? Yup I’ve started a new one. It’s top secret at the moment, which will infuriate a certain someone, and will stay that way for a little while. But I will reveal it when the time is right. And before anyone panics I’ll state right now that I’m NOT having a gender reassignment. I don’t have that much money!! And I’d probably find something a lot better to spend my money on.

So that’s it for this blog except to say that the running is still on track and I’m still open for sponsorship. Obligatory link coming up.



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