A Proud Dad

A “Ronseal”moment. It is what it says on the tin. I am immensely proud of my children. My boys.

When our children are born we want great things for them. Health, wealth, a good job, children of their own and happiness. We want them to conquer the world. Win World Cups. Be Prime Minister. Be an entrepreneur. Be The Pope. We want them to fulfil all the things we wanted to be or to do ourselves. To be newer, better versions of ourselves.

But what we really want more than anything is for them to be happy and for us to be proud of them.

They are and I am.

They’ve not set the football world on fire (but they’re a little bit better than me). They’ve not conquered the business world. They’ve not taken high office nor have they topped the charts. But they have been successful in their own ways.

They have bought, or are going to buy, houses, raised a family, loved and lost and are all working hard. But that’s not what makes me most proud but it does swell my heart.

What makes me most proud is that they are, all three, caring, compassionate, loving, supporting and thoughtful. They have values and morals. These don’t always match mine but they have them and that makes me proud.

One small example, amongst many I could quote, happened just this weekend.

I wrote my last post but wanted to share it with the guys I play football with. Now I could have copied it from here and pasted it the team’s Facebook page but I really wanted the guys to know a little about who and where I am, if you know what I mean. The problem I saw, and this makes me tear up a little, is that two of my sons have and still play football with the team. I didn’t want to embarrass them in front of their teammates. So I texted them asking them if they had any objections to me posting a link to my blog bearing in mind some of the things I have shared on here. Quick as a flash they both texted back.

Sweet. Absolutely post it. It’s truly inspirational. Very proud that you’ve been sharing it with us and how far you’ve come.

That’s absolutely fine with me, I’m behind you 100%.

I am truly blessed and truly proud.


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