Today’s post is inspired by a post in a Facebook group that I use for support. The group is called “Club Soda Together” and the website is

Good morning guys
Bit of a personal question maybe?
But do you ever get the feeling your partner gets pissed off with you because you can’t drink anymore and you have Totally changed your life around.

Well my partner (I’m going to call her my wife from here on as that’s what she is and would want to be known as) has never drunk since her student days and even then she never drank to excess. So she’s quite happy to be honest. And supportive. And curious as to how my mind has been working these last 20 years. In my few posts so far she says she has seen a new me. Not sure if that’s a good thing TBH.

So I’ve been lucky it seems. Many recently sober people have partners who “have lost their drinking buddy” or have “no reason to go to the pub anymore”. What I don’t understand is that they must have seen their partner go through Hell to get sober (I admit I didn’t find it hard but I think I’m an outlier) and they want them to just forget that effort so their life can be just that little bit “More fun”.

It’s not all bad though as just as many are happy with their partner’s new found sobriety like my wife (thought I’d have said that earlier in this post) does. Those of us in this category realise how we are so lucky. Lucky to have understanding. Lucky to have someone be patient with us.

And most importantly…….

Lucky to still have a relationship.

Love you my Dear.

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