Drinkers Like Me

Was told about this programme last night so recorded it and watched it this morning.

It had some interesting bits of contradictory thinking that used to apply to me.

There’s drinking and then there’s drinking.

“Yes I drink a lot but at least I’m not…..
having sherry for breakfast,
in Wetherspoons at 10am (but it’s ok on matchdays),
waking up at four in the morning in a shop doorway,
waking up with a complete stranger.”

But the realisation that just because you’re not doing these doesn’t mean you’re not alcohol dependant or have some sort of dependency with alcohol.

There is so much denial in society and some of the people in this proved that.

The fact that you don’t want a drink now Adrian is a good sign.” “You’re saying if you ever don’t want a drink you’re probably not an alcoholic?” “Yeah”.

What absolute tosh. He’s had 4 pints before 11:30am, probably something to eat at a noon kickoff and now about 2pm he has no room for anything! Proven by the next scene the following morning where he recounted that a train was taken to London for a friend’s 40th “where more drinking was done.”


Nobody drinks units!

The weekly safe unit limit for a male is 14. Who knows how many drinks that is? Not our Adrian. Once he totted up the number of units on his new app he was astounded to find that he had drunk 34.2 units the previous day. Let that sink in.

The weekly limit is 14 units and he had drunk 34.2 in a DAY!

And over a week he reckoned he would be in triple figures.

This summary is of just the first 10 minutes and that is where I’m going to leave it as I think it is a programme that people should watch for themselves and draw their own conclusions on their own drinking habits.

Except to say that Frank Skinner makes an appearance and, for me, really disappoints. I really thought with his background he would have more to give but…. I’ll let you make your own mind up.

The programme is available on the BBC iPlayer for the next 29 days if you want to give it a go. I know I’ll need to watch it at least once more.

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