Football Weekend Away

Well here it was. A weekend away in a foreign country with a group of football supporters. How would this go? I knew I wasn’t going to drink but how would the group react to a teetotaller in their midst? Or would they even notice?

Well they did notice. Some of them. We started off in a pub with a meal before getting on the taxis to the airport. I bought a pint for a mate and a water for myself.

“Pacing yourself?”


Nothing more.

Off to the airport. Check in and get airside. Straight to the pub. Some of the guys sub-divide into groups for rounds so I try to quietly go to the bar myself for a glass of water but am asked by someone in front what I want.

“Just a water.”

“Oh. You teetotal?”

“Yeah for the last 11 days.”

Short conversation follows and we rejoin the group.

Little while later I’ve finished my water and return for another. Return to the group with my water. Noticed by some of the guys I’ve been out drinking with before.

“You teetotal now?”

“Yup. Been about 11 days. Had to stop it was getting out of control.”

“Good for you.

You can be the responsible one. Quick give us all your number just in case we….”

“Forget that! I’m here to enjoy myself too, not to be your mums.”

Laughter all round.

OK where’s all this peer pressure I’m expecting? Nowhere. This WILL be a good weekend.

And so it was whenever anyone noticed I wasn’t drinking beer. No problem with me being teetotal. Indeed there might even have been some respect.

The only problem I had over the weekend was that most bottled water in Germany seems to be fizzy and I can’t stand fizzy water so spent the weekend drinking coke. It wasn’t too bad until we were waiting to get picked up for our bus back to the airport. I went up to the bar and asked for a diet cola (trying to be good). Unaware that in Germany it isn’t Diet Cola it’s Cola Light. And Diet Cola sounds to the barman like “Drei Cola” (3 Colas) and boy can he open them fast!

Ah well 1/2 an hour ’til we get on the coach and THREE bottles of Coke to finish. C’est la vie (as they say in a different European country).

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