Home Alone

I’ve dragged this from my post last night on Club Soda Together’s Facebook page.

Well that could have been messy. Home alone for the first time since I became sober.

No problems. Made something simple for me and youngest son (27) then he headed out. Watched football with a bottle of “Speckled Hen” af or something like that. Absolutely vile. Reminded me why I didn’t drink beer.

So before going to bed I thought I’d better grab my passport for tomorrow’s journey. Only it’s not where I thought I had left it. My office is a mess so maybe it’s slipped into another pile of papers or books? 20 minutes later the office is a bigger mess but still no passport.

Another 20 minutes searching places I know it can’t be in as I haven’t opened those boxes in ages and would never put it in those drawers! I know. The glove compartment in the car (possibly the most stupid thought of all) but no it’s nowhere to be found.

Almost an hour searching and somehow I’ve not panicked and I’ve not gone for what’s left of my last 1/2 bottle from 10 days ago.

One quick wonder round the living/dining areas and I notice the box folder on the dining room table. It won’t be there that’s my drum group bumf that I just pulled out 3 weeks ago to check something. But damn wasn’t it sitting inside the folder, front and centre! How it got there I don’t know but…

I didn’t panic and I didn’t go for a drink to calm myself down. I’m getting better it seems.

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