Withdrawal Symptoms (Or not)

The morning after the non-alcoholic night before. Sleep’s going to be poor and the waking even worse. Considering what I’ve been putting into myself for the last few decades and then the sudden stop I’ve got this coming. Good job I booked the next 4 days off work and with the upcoming weekend will have 6 days before I have to face anyone except my wife. All ready for a week in my room, sweat soaked bedclothes, a rancid smell and little or no sleep.

But wait!

A few problems dropping off at 11 last night, mostly my mind going round and round and round knowing I’ve made the right descicion. Thinking ahead to my sobriety. Woke up a few times, stirring mostly, but that’s normal. Then BING! 7am and I’m awake.

And feeling quite good actually. This is weird. Where are the symptoms? They’ll be here later obviously. Right, steel yourself for that but let’s make the most while I’m able. As I’m awake, and have had no alcohol for at least 30 hours, I can drive my wife to work. Well to a place where she is getting picked up. With instructions to pick her up somewhere else 2 hours later.

All good. No symptoms.

I’ll cut to the chase now. At this point, as I’m writing this, I’m a week in and I’ve had no symptoms at all. Unbeleivable! If I’d know it was going to be this easy I would have done this a long time ago. I know I’ve been lucky but I think I know why.

But that’s for the next blog.

1 thought on “Withdrawal Symptoms (Or not)

  1. Saw this on mumsnet thanks for putting it there. Very helpful to read this, keep it up and thank you!


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