What happened on Day 1?

Day 1 started the same as many days have these last few years. Woke up, felt miserable, total lethargy, didn’t want to get up. I knew that once I stood up it would start. The coughing! Sod it let’s get this over with. Quickly put yesterday’s clothes on and headed out the bedroom closing the door behind me. It started before I got to the top of the stairs. Cough….cough….hold it in. Don’t want to wake the OH yet. Down the stairs into the kitchen. Cough. Close the kitchen door. Into the utility. Cough. Close the door behind me. Into the downstairs loo. Quickly close and lock (why as nobody is awake in the house but me?) the door. Kneel down and that’s as far as I’m describing. You can imagine the rest.

Feeling fine now that one little ritual is out of the way, time to wake the wife and get ready for work.

Work was quiet. Not great sitting staring at a PC screen for 8 hours with not a lot to do and thinking about how the evening was going to go. But 5:30 came so off home to face the big trial?

Nah this is doable!! I don’t want to poison my body again. What’s the advantage?

So straight home. No stopping off at Sainsbury’s for a half bottle. Easy.

Pop down about 7 to see the football group. Still not back to playing but I’d better show face as we’re all off to Germany soon so want them to remember who I am. This is breaking the recent cycle as by 7 normally I’ll have had at least one mouthful. Watched the guys for about 40 minutes had some good banter but it was so cold standing on the sidelines I headed home.

Quick stop at the off-licence on the way home for a half bottle? Nah. Easy.

Ok home now. Another hour before the soaps finish so I could head up to my office , check my emails, play some games, have a quick slug. Nah let’s make something to eat. Sit in the living room, eat my tea, endure the end of the soaps.

9pm control of the TV reverts to me. So on goes my favourite rerun that I record religiously every day and normally watch at this time.

Realise I’ve had no cravings yet! What’s going on?

Half an hour later the wife heads off to bed as she’s had a full on day unlike me. Now normally at this time if I’ve no alcohol left I’ll leave her 15 minutes to settle and scoot up to Sainsbury’s. Not tonight. I don’t need to.

What is going on?

Finish watching my programme, watch more rubbish until 11pm then head for bed.

I’ve had no cravings at all today! That’s a half bottle of vodka that I’ve not drank of an evening for the first time in longer than I can remember.

I’m going to get hit by some awful withdrawal symptoms aren’t I?


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