Day 5

How did I get here? Well a few weeks ago the realisation hit me that I can’t go on the way I was. Through an online forum that I’m a member of I learned of a Facebook group called “Club Soda Together”.

Why not? Couldn’t hurt. Or would it just be another branch of the AA and another depressing experience? As it turned out it wasn’t. Sure there are members for whom AA has worked but mostly it was people working through their own “demons” trying to be AF (a new abbreviation for me – Alcohol Free) or trying to cut down.

Reading through the posts and people’s experiences I found a new term.


What on earth could that be? We’ve all heard of Chick lit? It’s the same thing but geared towards quitting a behaviour (that’s my definition by the way). So which book should I read? There were so many recommended by different people. To be honest it was a lottery and I think I got lucky because the book I chose resonated with me from the start.

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Control Alcohol

So I threw this onto my Kindle. Being on the Kindle made it so much easier to read at work than buying the paperback. Sitting in the rest area reading a Kindle even if someone asked what I was reading I could fob them off with the name of the last book I read and off they’d go.

This book changed, maybe even saved, my life! Can’t say it simpler than that. What I read made sense. Every night I was pouring poison into my body. But there are benefits aren’t there? No not really.

The taste?
Does alcohol really taste good or is it an “acquired” taste?
Spirits. Is there a reason we don’t drink them straight and use mixers?

The hangover?
I’d stopped with them ages ago.
The routine morning cough up of overnight flem was normal.
The feeling lethargic and not quite right during the day is just how it is.
The feeling great when that first vodka hit in the evening was brilliant.
Nothing better.

This book really opened my eyes.

At this point I have to make an admission. When I got to the end of day 1 I let my wife know what I had been doing.

“Oh but you read that years ago and said it was rubbish.”
“No I didn’t!”
“You did. I read it as well and it confirmed the reasons I’ve never drunk.”

So it’s not just the book. Maybe I’m just mentally in the right place this time and the book has reaffirmed that?

Enough for today. Tomorrow – What happened on day 1.

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